Take Control Of Your Brand

BrandLink helps you maximize brand equity through consolidated management of your assets, identity, style guides, and more.

Brand Assets

Brand assets are the building blocks of a recognizable brand image. These elements, comprised of fonts, colors, images, and graphics, work collaboratively to create a distinct look and feel. While each individual asset may trigger recognition of the brand, their combination establishes a cohesive brand identity.

Brand Equity

A brand's worth can be determined by the recognition and impact it has on the public. Brand equity is the culmination of all unique characteristics of a brand, received from all concerned parties, which establish loyalty and desire for the brand — these particular sentiments make the brand desirable and valuable.


A Bespoke Solution

We build your brand portal to meet your specific needs.

Everything you need to take control of your brand and assure consistency across teams and vendors.

Brand Standards

Your brand portal is a central hub for everything related to your brand. It’s where you can find all the important stuff like brand guidelines, logos, images, templates, and other materials that you need to keep the brand consistent. With your BrandLink brand portal, teams can easily access these resources to help them create content that stays true to the brand. It’s all about making collaboration easier and ensuring that everyone has the latest and most accurate brand materials right at their fingertips.

Creative Assets

Brand asset management both helps maintain consistency and makes the creative process more efficient. With BrandLink’s centralized and organized asset library, designers and marketers can easily find the right assets for their projects, saving them from the hassle of searching across disconnected file systems or having to create required assets from scratch. This increased efficiency enables creative teams to concentrate on generating new ideas and delivering top-notch content.

Style Guides

Style guides are comprehensive documents that provide guidelines and standards for designers and marketers to follow when presenting a brand across different mediums. Style guides not only cover visual design, but also language and grammar preferences.

BrandLink style guides benefit designers and marketers by providing clear instructions and references in order to streamline the creative process and ensure consistency across all touch points, build brand recognition, and empower teams to create meaningful experiences.

Fully Managed

By letting our team do the heavy lifting, your team can focus on creating great work while you benefit from greater productivity.

We begin with our core structure, then carefully construct a content model that meets your specific needs. Our team then maintains your content and assets on an ongoing, as-needed basis so your brand is always current and relevant. Additionally, we offer complete theme customization to match your brand colors or even replicate your corporate website design for seamless integration.


Boost productivity with versatile, pre-approved creative templates that encourage self-service and simplify production while freeing up your creative team from small time consuming edits. Design your templates and designate editable elements, then allow everyone to create their own, on-brand marketing materials.


It is important to ensure that your team produces consistent, high-quality work across all mediums while adhering to your brand standards. With the help of BrandLink's compliance service, you can easily maintain brand consistency through audits and version workflows, ultimately leading to stronger customer relationships and increased ROI.


From business cards and brochures to point-of-sale signage and full-service direct mail, adding fulfillment services to your BrandLink brand portal will ensure all your users benefit from centralized quality control.

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Simple Pricing. No Surprises.

We offer one plan with options for onboarding and monthly subscriptions to best meet your needs. That’s it.

Fully Managed

Starting at
$ 349 / Mo
Plus Onboarding
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  • Monthly Plan

  • Unlimited Users
  • Custom Domain
  • 2TB Storage
  • 6TB Bandwidth
  • 24/7 Support
  • Content Management*
  • Asset Management*
  • Style Guide Management*
  • Onboarding

  • Theme Customization**
  • Content Modeling**
  • Asset Curation**
  • Custom Sections**
  • Technical Assistance

*Adding and editing content, assets, and style guides during your subscription term can be requested from your client account on a pay-as-you-go basis.

**Choose options during checkout to calculate your total onboarding fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because we install and customize the BrandLink system just for you, we are not able to offer a free trial.

Please visit our demo site to review the core features:

BrandLink is an affordable alternative to more complex brand management solutions often aimed at enterprise users. Our system is based on more than three decades of small businesses and franchise brand management experience. We bring this hands-on experience to you with a flexible and customizable system that’s easy to use and won’t break the bank.

We don’t serve content, we don’t track campaigns, and we don’t use AI. We do help you keep your brand intact across all touchpoints to take control of brand integrity.

After you sign up, we will contact you with a few questions to determine your specific needs. Depending on the extent of customization you require, we’ll work with you to determine content, asset, and theming specifications. As our team works on setting up your BrandLink brand portal, we’ll work with your team to ensure key users fully understand how to perform specific tasks that their role might require.

We’ll work closely with you to gather all the information and materials needed so that we can proceed with content creation and asset management, as well as establish user access according to your preferences.

During onboarding, we will also take care of theming your portal and technical details such as how you want to implement public/private access and getting your domain pointed to our servers.

No. We do not currently offer any CDN (content delivery network) services, although we might in the future. You can upload your video and audio files so that users may download them and you can add your embed code for users to copy and use in their projects. The embed code will need to come from a streaming CDN such as Vimeo, YouTube, CloudFlare, or KeyCDN. For audio streaming, we recommend SoundCloud.

We do not currently offer analytics or reporting. Our focus is to provide a simple system for managing your brand and the people involved with your brand. If you require insights on asset usage, we recommend IntelligenceBank or BrandFolder.

This is totally up to you. By default, your main content is private and can only be accessed by approved registered users such as your team and vendors. Public links are available for certain types of content that you might want to share with a public user. However, we can change this to suit your needs. Want everything private? No problem. Prefer full public access? We can do that too.

If you ever decide to cancel your account, we will package up all your assets and provide them to you via a download link. We are not able to provide the actual pages from your brand portal. However, for a small fee, we can provide a PDF or HTML file of any pages you request.

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